Physiotherapy in Milton

Physiotherapy can make a difference in an individual's life by maximizing daily functions, increasing mobility, relieve pain,...

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About James Snow Physiotherapy in Milton

Don’t let those stiff or jammed body parts hamper your happiness. When you have a solution available, you must run to get it as soon as possible. James Snow Physio Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation centre warmly welcomes every patient who cares about their life and wants to make it perfect by taking the best treatment from us.

James Snow Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center is a dynamic multidisciplinary center located in Milton, Ontario. We are a team of registered and experienced health professionals those are committed to client-centered, high quality, progressive and evidence based physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to the community. Our patients receive quality care and are given sufficient time during each treatment to help maximize recovery. The highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists design treatment plans that help the individual to return to the highest functional level available, with the focus on cost effective and patient satisfaction.

Our chiropractic services are 100% satisfaction-driven and give rise to new hope in you for living a better life. Even though your nearer or dearer one is going through illness, injury, or struggling to move their body like the way they used to do, recall us and let our holistic approaches bring a new transition in their lives. Using the certified and globally appreciated massage therapy, we wipe out all those physical issues that were supposed to take your life into the darkness.

Before your life continues to embrace those sorrowful moments, contact us as we are your best physio in Milton. Our health professionals possess brilliant skills cherished by their years of rich experience in their job role. If you are also looking for physiotherapy near me, don’t look further once you hear our name. As soon as your physical issue arises, get in touch with us.

We provide best and affordable Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy and Chiropractic services in Milton, near Brampton, near Mississauga, near Burlington, near Toronto premium outlet, near Milton go station, near Georgetown, near Acton, near Kitchener, near Cambridge. For details call us at: 905-878-1220



Once you have made your choice of health care provider, you cannot change it


Lack of proper care, ill-fitting shoes and general foot neglect are responsible for the majority of foot problems.


Acupuncture is a system of complementary medicine that involves pricking the skin or tissues

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are a specialized hosiery, designed to help prevent the occurrence


How do I book the appointment?


The quickest way to get started is to call us at the clinic to book an appointment time that is convenient for you. You could also book an appointment by clicking “book appointment” on the home page, by e-mailing us at or you could simple call us at 905 878 1220.

How long is my treatment?


The frequency of treatments is dependent on the severity of your injuries. Our physiotherapist will be able to discuss your particular needs at the completion of your first visit. Your commitment to your treatments (attendance, compliance with exercises, etc.) is essential to a positive outcome of your rehabilitation.

Do you direct bill?


Currently, we are able to directly bill most insurance company. Our patients at James Snow Physiotherapy will have the option of having us directly bill to their insurance companies or submit their claims on their own.

Do you treat people who have had motor vehicle accidents (MVA), and if so, how does the billing work?


At James Snow Physiotherapy, we are fully equipped to help people who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Upon your first visit you will need to bring in your car insurance information and your accident claim number, if you have one (this could be found on your police report, if you have one).

Do you treat people who are injured on the job through the Worker's Compensation Board (WSIB)?


James Snow Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre is a WCIB authorized treatment provider where our qualified staff will be happy to provide treatment under WSIB coverage. Upon your first visit, we will assess your condition, and submit your information directly to the WCIB along with coordinating your treatment plan

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