WSIB / MVA in Milton

Does the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Pay for Chiropractic Treatment?
Yes, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) pays for chiropractic treatment, but there are strict guidelines for the type and length of such treatment.
Initial Choice of Health Care Professional
  • a chiropractor
  • a medical doctor
  • a physiotherapist, or
  • a registered nurse (extended class)

Once you have made your choice of health care provider, you cannot change it without the permission of WSIB. A referral from one medical doctor to another in a different speciality is not considered a change in health care provider.
You may seek treatment from a different type of health care provider so long as you notify both your initial health care provider and WSIB. For example, if your initial choice was to go to your family doctor for treatment, and you later decide to see a chiropractor, you may do so as long as you tell both your doctor and WSIB. Your doctor remains in charge of your treatment.

Initial Choice of Health Care Professional
The facilities at Village Chiropractic are ideally suited to help patients suffering from injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents (MVAs). It is reported that 30% of MVA victims choose chiropractic care for their injuries, since it has been shown to be the most effective therapy for these types of soft tissue injuries, especially those involving the spine. Most MVA injuries involve muscular or ligamentous sprains or strains which are best treated using chiropractic therapy. Appropriate care for these injuries will promote a speedy recovery and limit time off work and loss of income. It is also important to realize because of the known effectiveness of chiropractic care, the costs of chiropractic treatments for MVA injuries are fully covered by your auto insurance company.